Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weird, Wacky and a WIP table

Thrift Shop Ceramic Elephant
The "W" letter prompt allows me the freedom to highlight things Weird and Wacky.  I free-passed it under my "Y" prompt of last year's challenge you-get-one-free-pass-to-weird-and-wacky.

What is it? A lamp, a fabric lantern?
Found this duo through The Feral Irishman For-win-taxidermy, one of my go-to sites could be counted on for
The Weird
And Wacky
Not too late to bid on this shadowbox interpretation by artist Ellen Zahorec, auction ends 4/28/16 at 5:30 pm PT

Collectible Americana under "W" would be a Wurlitzer jukebox.

WIP (work in progress) table. I have separated the Christmas fabric into two types, one stack is burgundy toned, the other stack the more traditional red/green colors. Goal is to make 6 lap sized holiday themed quilts by year's end.

Show me some linkup love if you have a post even remotely weird, wacky or WIPy in nature!

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