Raging Grannies and G.I. Joe

The Raging Grannies - they've been around for 20 or 30 years. The loosely related groups exist in cities around the world where members, all old enough to be grandmothers, campaign for social justice causes.

One interviewee on the video notes, "Older women bring experience to activism.  Older woman activists have lots of experiences of not being listened to." 

Raging Grannies strive:

  • to be non-violent in all activities
  • to court the press
  • to shock with unladylike antics
  • to be independent of any other organization
  • to use street theater, humor, satire and props to get our message across: world peace, feminist values, social justice, and equal rights for all.
sacbee.com - February 1, 2015 article from the Sacramento Bee on the Sacramento Chapter of the Raging Grannies

G.I. Joe, yep, he is collectible Americana. He seems to be the type that the grannies would rage against ... especially having military recruiters on college campuses.

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