Ruffles and Refashioning

Ruffles, what are they good for?

Some look fantabulus!

Some trail behind ...
St. Laurent Fall/Winter 2016
1949 Singer Sewing Book
Some ruffles go a little country with Pattern of the Day from 1974 Simplicity 6218 and undated Authentic Patterns Square Dance.

Some get refashioned!

This green ruffled blouse was thrifted for $1.50. At first, I thought I bit off more than I could chew, how do I refashion this thing? Gaudy level off the charts. Out came the trusty seam ripper and I remove the wrinkly long-sleeved arms from the garment and the loose ribbon detail. *Rip* 

I figured you if you are going to Go Green, you've got to go all the way! I got the hat for next nothing, along with the liz claiborne knit shirt, Halogen skirt and BCBG heels.

One blogger I was delighted to find and follow is with her "chop," "whirr" and "snips" descriptions refashioning her outfits. Her goofy "before" images always crack me up! Then she is all glamorous in her "after" refashions.
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Ruffly refashion - hit or miss?


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