Thursday, April 7, 2016

French binding and fake wine tasting

I used a pink batik print for the French binding on this particular quilt. The Hawaiian shirt labels that I saved from processing the shirts are sewn on to my completed quilts. 

Fake wine tasting - where you invite your friends over and they each bring two bottles of cheap wine, "cheap" being the operative word, along with cheese, fruits and crackers.  The wine bottle labels are covered up and the fake tasting begins. 

It is recommended that you don't do french binding and fake wine tasting at the same time.

Forgotten bookmarks -

This bookmark was in one of my recently purchased thrift shop finds. One of the sites I have on my RSS reader is, a rare bookseller's blog. 

Flying leap is what I took last night walking our highly-trained, badly behaved hunting dog who took off after a covey of quail while I was holding her leash. She literally pulled me off my feet, luckily I landed sideways on a grassy knoll. Phew!

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