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Monday, October 2, 2017

So Good to be a Senior

I know that post title is not going to get a lot of hits but it is my lead-in to 1/2 off for seniors $15 haul. Look away if you are fabric phobic!

Inside of the Wounded Warrior Quilt project was the front and back of a completed quilt. It is beautifully done. Since my Mr. is one of those wounded warriors, I will finish this one up for a place of honor in our living room. Thank you Mystery Quilter! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have stumbled onto this find. 

In addition to that amazing quilt, there were calico precuts all color coordinated in their container. More than enough to make a patchwork quilt top. Really beautiful material. I am positive from the same quilter. All the work is precise cut.

Because of these beauties, I am going to cull my stash and donate the not-so-pretties.

I have submitted my initial images for the Art with Fabric blog hop and the project is nearly done! It was a study in freeform piecing and organic quilting. 

Let's end with a Pattern of the Day, a 1967 McCall's.

Post update, I have bumped a Christmas lap quilt to quilt the WWQ shown above. The Mr. has indicated that he wants uber loft on the batting (and I just scored a bag of the same thrifting) and very little quilting. More along the lines of this quilt shown here

Linking up with Kelly at myquiltinfatuation for Needle and Thread Thursday.

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