Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Committing to Hand Quilting

I have tossed around the idea of hand quilting one of my creations and I have chosen the plaid hexagon to do that. I bought the thread just for that project, so now I'm committed. *grins*

One of my fav hospice thrift shops finally dropped a bag of vintage fabric. It didn't surprise me since I bought the Franklin sewing machine from the same location the week before. The cutest from the $4.50 bag of fabric are shown in my lead-off image. 

Thrift shops are getting so popular, you almost have to be there when the racks of items are rolled on to the floor. That was the case with this bag. Trendy, cute clothing is snapped up quick. 

A scrap quilter's dream, all of the fabrics are usable for me. The sewing machine print selvage is dated 1993 and there was a receipt for fabric dated from 1995. Lots of red prints, a color I needed to plump up my stash. 

My current project is for the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop. I was making great progress until I decided to quilt without the walking foot. Let's just say, it did not turn out well. I am ASRing (angry seam ripping), three rows of diagonal quilting. I've got the weekend to redeem myself as I would like to show a finished product. 

Here is the upcoming schedule of the hop:

See you round the qwazies!


  1. Some of those fabrics are amazing! Great find.

  2. Hi Tami - I'm Nina from Off the Wall Fridays! You are totally invited to join our link up which runs Fridays through Monday nights every week. Thanks for looking in on us!

  3. I understand, I have done my fair share of angry seam ripping. mtmom57@gmail.com

  4. Wow! Great fabric finds. Don't you just love it? (As if we don't have enough stash LOL)