Monday, January 14, 2019

Fitting in a Feedsack and taking home a topsy turvy

Having received my box o' goodness from an online auction site, detailed here, the partial feedsack kit caught my eye. I was able to finish this mini or cubicle wall cover, as I like to call them, in one afternoon. Interesting that mystery quilter didn't use all of the precuts in this project. I used nearly all of the remnants, save for a few small pieces. 

This is the first year I have planned out my quilting projects, looking realistically at what I can finish with my limited amount of sewing time. 

I am pleased with my progress on my No. 3 on the challenge list of the plaid hexagon quilt. The body is done with the scraps I had on hand. I can finish off the borders of the hexagons with what I have left but the flimsy will need some plumping up to make it bed-sized. 

A quilty observation - oh, how my tastes have changed as I gain experience in this craft. At first, pretty much all the quilts I saw I thought were wonderfully amazing. Now, with my venturing further into paper piecing and on point construction, there are fewer quilts that wow me. I've got to step up my game! 

Thrifting update: I try to keep my vintage doll purchases to a minimum. This topsy turvy wangled her way into my life, having her original tag was a major selling point, along with it being just a few dollars. The piece de resistance was this topsy has 3 faces! I didn't notice the gramma face until I was at the cash register. Score!

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