Sunday, January 27, 2019

Marking lines and making a mini

With the weekend devoted to a burst of creative activity, I made another mini quilt for the month for a cat lover co-worker. The thrift gods had dropped this Laurel Burch fabric in a remnant bag found at SPCA Thrift. It seemed perfect for her. I like how it has a stained glass or windowpane effect. I also can't get enough of the midnight blue batik fabric I've used as the border and binding that came in a thrifted quilt kit. 
Backed in a large scale dragonfly print
It was the first time I had quilted with two different colors, being purple on the front and pink on the back. I then hand bound it in dark blue thread. Oh, the travesty of it all! *grins*

Turning my attention back to my Composition quilt, I had the first set of lines quilted but needed to mark the next round. I was able to use the long work bench as the weather cooperated (not being too cold in the garage). I put my music on shuffle while line marking. 

I was glad to be able to turn my attention to this project. It is a remnant from 2018 and I like to bring my projects to finish, if I can. I learned my lesson that to produce better quality work, I should mark lines. I am devoting time for prep on this one as I hope to enter it in competition. 

Quilters don't talk about the physicality of this craft. After sliding that "monster" of a bed quilt on the bench and standing for an extended length of time penciling in lines, I was tired. The little projects like my mini shown above, of course, aren't taxing. 

Quilting bed-sized quilts on my domestic machine is akin to wrestling with an octopus. I do have a high speed quilting machine but where the physical activity comes in is ensuring the quilt is smoothed and guided through the machine. I also use an ironing board, turned with the endside nearest my machine, to hold the bulk of the quilt. 

Do you find working with large projects to be tiring? 

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Quilting is more fun than Housework

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