Monday, February 18, 2019

3 Projects in Progress

Since I began participating in challenges, one a blog linkup, the other on FB, I have made fantastic progress with three projects going at once. This is the first time I have done that. Usually, I have one large project with smaller projects interspersed. 

I really enjoy hand sewing. I debated on whether to take a magnolia needlepoint to an out of state trip and was glad I did as I was snowed in. Now that the kit thread is organized, the background is almost done and I can move into the detail work of the flower petals.

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with quilting the Composition quilt. It was my Art with Fabric blog hop flimsy from 2018. 

Plaid hexagon quilt is pin basted. That took true quilter dedication as I use a garage work bench and it is cold down there. At least, my technique is improving as I can pin baste in about an hour. 

I have surprised myself by making such progress and by having three major projects in progress. 

On my wish list this year is an Americana quilt. I found this image in a Quilt World magazine from 1988. The pattern was offered then but I doubt it is available now so I will have to wing it. Those are some large blocks, I am thinking of scaling them down for my quilt. 

How many major projects do you work on at the same time? 

Are you participating in any creative challenges this year?


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have 3 or 4 projects going at the same time and I work on one until I'm stumped about what comes next and then I work on another. I usually have one that is fill in for sewing while I watch TV. I don't have deadlines on any until I get close to the end of the month and then I want either a finished top or a finished quilt and then I concentrate on just one of them. Works for me.

Nancy said...

Wow! You commented on my blog about Dusting off an Old Book. You really do have some wonderful books. I like looking at the old ideas. Now to make them new to me.

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