Sunday, February 24, 2019

Benefiting from non-joy sparking donations

Having found the upholstery fabric turned cubicle wall tapestry (highlighted here), I have been on the lookout for heavier weight fabric. Adding these textiles to my "What I Hunt For" list was a no brainer. This modernist print came home with me for $1.50 from SPCA thrift.  

I squared up the fabric and added a binding, I made one major change by including a seam binding to the back of the wall hanging. The woven acted as the stand-in "batting." The binding went on a lot smoother than my last tapestry project. 

This cubicle cover will be for my new work station so the completed project will be revealed in an upcoming post. While I know I will still be a state employee, I still don't know where I will land at the end of March. Long story short - I took a two-year limited term position that did not become permanent. I rolled the dice and it came up snake eyes. Kidding aside, not all bad because I have gained job experience. I had three interviews last week, so waiting word on a permanent offer.  

The second delightful find was this camper/road trip print from the same thrift shop. I knew immediately that it was vintage. Thankfully, the selvage was intact revealing it is a 2000 fabric. This yardage will be cherished stash for the right project. 
Weekend thrifting was one day of nothing and the next day a bounty. I limit myself to three shops a day as I have been known  to lose track of time when I am having so much fun. 
There were other ceramics of this series but she was the only one that came home with me, a hand-sewer with a Princess Leia hairdo.
My favorite find of the day, this Classics Hardware horse head necklace, retail $25, second-hand $5.
One of Xena's best photo bombs, she was particularly attracted to these objects, Creative Curtainmaking Made Easy by Heather Luke, Paul Revere & the Raiders record, and some yardage. 
Not pictured are some other records, a bit of batting, and some remnants of feedsack fabric. I am thrilled that others are getting rid of their non-joy sparking possessions! The thrift shops have been bursting at the seams, my last stop, a Goodwill all of the shelves were full, sometimes overflowing. 

With my interest in needlepoint rekindled, I made a little girl gasp when I found this project, began and then sent to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. 
A 2007 Dimensions kit scored for $3.49. I will finish and frame it as it fits in perfectly with my decor. 

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Shortbread and Ginger said...

You certainly found some great bits and pieces. Particularly like the fabric.

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