Friday, February 8, 2013

French - Day 8 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

French - the 30M2D challenge topic and link to those who claim to be French, those who wanna-be Francophiles.  

French Barbie doll

Madame Alexander French doll

My three memories of a 1977 visit to France are: eating only baquettes, cheese, apples and wine purchased from a local market; falling asleep at the Palace of Versailles on a garden bench and being approached by the Palace guards shouting at me in French; and refusing to go on the Eiffel Tower tour because it required walking up an ungodly amount of steps.

I took French in junior high school - three years of it.  I remember snippets of words and phrases.  The image that is burned forever into my mind is that of my French teacher clenching her fists and hollering, "Fermer la porte!"  (Close the door!)

Lastly, the French twist (courtesy of my hair stylist).

Shout out to my mom - today is her 84th birthday!
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