Saturday, February 9, 2013

15 Minutes - Day 9 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

15 minutes - yes, that is the topic inflicted on us by Nicky, Mike and all of their chuckling cohorts in this 30M2D quasi-challenge.  I, for lack of any other inspiration for this topic, have resorted to ...

Back at the Cheese Bar

Gruyere was inconsolable, Romano had left her (once again) - those Latin cheeses, she should have known better.  She had jettisoned Cheddar, who was stable, reliable, but not quite the same as Romano.  She was back at the Cheese Bar, showing her best sides, when Gorgonzola showed up.  

"Gruyere!  What brings you back here?"  Gorgonzola asked, somewhat surprised.  

"I have about 15 minutes to kill and thought I would nosh on a few pretzels," replied Gruyere.

"I thought you and Cheddar had something going on?"  Gorgonzola inquired.

Gruyere sighed, "The long and short of it is I am single yet again.  I admire those sliced cheeses that are prepackaged and separately wrapped.  Now, that's the life."

"No, my dear Gruyere, you would never want that - you would be tasteless and isolated.  At the very worst destined for a child's grilled cheese sandwich.  The thought of it makes me shudder.  You are so much more than that."

"I will never find happiness!" she cried.

"There, there, my dear, might I suggest a perfect solution, the two of us, Gruyere and Gorgonzola with hazelnut butter and drizzled in honey."


"Gorgonzola, I think I just might be falling in love ..."

"Come along with me my dear, you will never have to worry about being alone ever again."  

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