Thursday, February 14, 2013

1st Annual Valentine's Day Boost My Blog Party, Vampire Bite Blog Hop and Where Can I Get a Good Blintz - Day 14 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Boost My Blog Party
Three linky-loos today (two hops and a writing challenge) on this heart-centric day.  First up are the two ladies listed on the badge A Rural Journal and Two Bears Farm.  
Linking with preciousmonsters for this Vampire Bite Blog Hop - shades of Dark Shadows (an American soap opera that aired in the late 60s).  
 Lilith - The Living Dead Doll is going to join forces with Tiffany and Chucky in this bite of a blogfest.  

This sums it up for me ~

Vampires, zombies - all the same to the (gorked) me. 


Anyhoo, today's 30M2D Writing Challenge topic, "Where Can I Find A Good Cheese Blintz?"  and link to the other participants that I ...

Vampire Von Zalez was on the hunt for pastry - not pasties or patsies - pastries. Now one wouldn't think that a vampire would find pastry tasty, but VVZ was a unique blend of vampire/zombie/humanoid.  He would rise in the pre-dawn hours, looking like someone who had partied hard all night at the midtown clubs, and descend upon the various Sacramento bakeries.  Freeport Bakery was his favorite and the hardest location to get to.  He had to traverse railroad tracks avoiding Sacramento City College students and Land Park residents.  

New Roma Bakery was an easier trek.  That bakery was closer to his lair - the Sacramento underground, where he usually rested undisturbed.  

Damn New Roma in those early morning hours when the baking began and the delectable smells that emanated from there drew him up and out.  

Drat!  It was Valentine's Day and that meant heart-shaped sugar cookies and pink frosted cupcakes.  He was just a vampire in search of a good cheese blintz.  This was not going to be easy, it meant there would be men, lots of them, trying to find something to give to their sweethearts.  VVZ was not to be denied, the blintz beckoned - would it be Freeport or New Roma?  He drew his cape closer and sprinkled on some of the Vampire sparkle dust, protection from the morning light.  

He decided on New Roma.  The bell on the door entry startled him and he threw up one arm, as if fending off a bat.  

"May I help you?"  New Roma girl inquired.  

"Vell, all I vant is a good cheese blintz, do you have any today?"  

"We don't make cheese blintzes on Valentine's Day, we are too busy with all of the other sweets and pastries," she replied.

"VHAT? No cheese blintzes?"  He sighed and flailed his black cape around his shoulders.  "Vhat is dis town coming to?" as he muttered to himself and disappeared.    

I found this gem ^ listed on Etsy for $175.

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