Friday, February 1, 2013

Cheesy - Day 1 Topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Those looking for a blog hop - seems I violated the "rules" and had to remove the reference - but the writing challenge goes on ...


It comes as no surprise that Nicky and Mike chose "Cheesy" at the lead off, seeing as how they are cheese-obsessed, working for cheese and all.  Link to the other participants in this cheesy challenge weworkforcheese.

Cheese Bar

"So, you come here often?" said the one cheese to the other.  

"I just stopped by for the beer.  My name is Gruyere."  

"Hi, I am Cheddar." 

"We were supposed to be melding together, Romano and I, in a lasagna extravaganza, but he left me for Havarti."

"I hear ya, I was destined for a ham, egg and cheese casserole," Cheddar replied.  
"How about the two of us becoming a fantastical two-cheese panini?"

"Gruyere and Cheddar?  Has it been done before?"  Gruyere inquired.

Gorgonzola blustered into the bar, "Hey, whose cheese-mobile is out front?  It is double-parked." 

"That is mine!" Gruyere said as she scrambled for the door.  

"Isn't she dreamy?  I could crumble over her," remarked Gorgonzola.

"Don't be cheese blocking," Cheddar said, "Gruyere and I were talking about a pairing."

"Oh, sorry buddy, when you see a delightful cheese like her, it just makes your mouth water."  

Gruyere re-entered the bar and Cheddar suggested to her.  "How about an old standby - macaroni and cheese?"

macaroni and cheese

"Mac and cheese - we are made for each other!" exclaimed Gruyere.  "I'm just a fool for love."

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