Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby doll mugshots and On With The Show

February 1st marks the start of the We Work For Cheese 30M2D Writing Challenge in which Nicky, Supreme Goddess of the Internet and others (including me, one of the lesser minions) embark on a cheesy challenge.

Before the challenge begins and the blog hopping starts, I am posting Friday's frock ~

The sweater coat is a recent thrift shop find and it picks up the color in the skirt to a "T."  
All three pieces - sweater, shirt and skirt are thrifted.  

This round of baby doll inmates from include the mugshot of this cutie.  I lost her description and bid price on my watch list - I don't know if anyone adopted her.

American Character Tiny Tears from the 1960s, no bidders at the posted price of $5.

Vintage Ideal sleep baby doll, currently bidding at $6.95.

My very own cutie - my daughter - wishing her a Happy Birthday!

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