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Friday, April 17, 2015

Ollie, Ollie, In Come Free

"Ollie, Ollie, In Come Free" is a phrase from my childhood. When you were playing hide and seek, as the seeker you would call that out to let the others know it was safe to return to home base.  

Pogo Pony segueing to Country Cowgirl

I have always been intrigued with the country, even when country wasn't cool.  My fellow blogger and AtoZ participant Anne of has a 52 pick-me-up prompt this week of "Hey Cowgirl."  I suppose you won't mind two country-related posts of this challenge. 

Corduroy Resistol hat
Feather hat band
Fringe jacket unlabeled
Panhandle Slim Western shirt
Lucky brand jeans
(the above all thrifted)
Ariat black cowgirl boots (retail)

Also linking up with the Visible Monday clan at notdeadyetstyle.

Thrift shop Ginny

While I will never be a true cowgirl, I have learned some interesting things from my livestock tending neighbors next door. 

In every flock there is always a bawl baby, that is one lamb that refuses to join the flock and will stand off by itself and just "bawl."  That bawling attracts the predators and before you know it. 

Seems the mountain lion sightings have been confirmed, a neighbor caught the critter(s) on a trail camera.  We have known about the animal for quite some time as smaller pets have been disappearing.

I have posted a couple of llama images. The wayward llama has been corralled and because the animal has never been gentled (or calmed down and used to people), it will have to be darted so a face halter that is now too small can be removed.  Seems country vets don't like to work on llamas (they can spit when threatened or when the animal wants to show aggression). 

Patterns of the day ponies up the first one from 1990.

The most recent of my pattern collection from 1992.

Throwing back to the mid 1960s, the classic American country look in two more 1964 Patterns of the Day. 

A link to 1952-dolly-toy-cowboy-indian-wall-plaques posted by Hepcat Restorations.

Odontoglossum crispum

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