Absotively A to Zing and Something Completely Different

We are up and running for Day 1 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  My first year was All Things Thrifting and the year past was A Frolic through Fashion and Flowers.  My posts this year will run the gamut from illustrations to fashion linkups, thrift shop finds to retro images, personal revelations to outright shenanigans.
I will present posts that are Something Completely Different (my theme/non-theme). I am quite unlike any other blogger you will encounter. There are elements of my blog that I hold in common with those of my genre but none that combine the different interests that I do.  

This being the first of the month means a fashion linkup with Judith at The Style Crone for Hat-Attack-21.  I'm wearing a floppy San Diego Hat Co., a thrift shop find.  Sporting a sedate look to show you a glimpse of the ranch property where there was a fire last August. 

The jacket is one I have had in my wardrobe for many years,
a Roughrider microsuede Western coat jacket,
also wearing a Modern Family long sleeved t-shirt. 

In the distance to the left is the new build of the neighbors that started the fire. 

It was an attack of sorts, an attack by fire.  We knew the real damage wouldn't manifest until now.  Nine of the ten acres burned, the majority of which were wild animal preserve.  

The hills are stunningly green now but when that California sun starts heating things up those green grasses will turn brown.

For nearly every letter I will post an orchid a day illustration from The Private Lives of Orchids by Hilda Simon (1975).


Pattern of the day features the 1962 McCall's 6631.

A recent thrift shop find was this 1963 BHG Junior Cookbook. I remember this book!  I'm positive it was in my kid collection.  I'll post a couple of recipes from this and another 1950s publication.  

Shamelessly linking to throw a vote my way for the KCRA 3 A List, nominated as Best Local Sacramento blogger.  Hope you add as a follower to enjoy all of the AtoZ letter stylings.