Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lounging around then and now

"L" prompt for the day means lounging around.  Perfect for Patterns of the Day.

1973 Simplicity 6060
Do You Think I'm Sexy look

 1970 Simplicity 8860

1977 Simplicity 8228

1990 Simplicity 9943

Two from the late 1960s.

1969 Simplicity 8551.  I especially like the Leopard Lady.

1968 Simplicity 7910

This image is from one of my rescued slides series.  This one labeled "Minnesota, Gerry's Birthday, 1960." 

This might be what Eva Mendes has in mind, to be fully dressed when lounging, because you know, sweatpants cause divorce.  

Link to an HuffPo article on the subject

Who really wears pajamas?  Maybe if you live in a group setting, or attending a sleepover, but most of my friends talk about sleeping in shorts and a t-shirt.  And you, what is your loungewear?

Lady's Slipper

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