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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Tiki Mug, Best of Trail Cam, and bag of Toys

Tiki mug was a $3.50 Goodwill find. I follow another reseller who specializes in these types of mugs. Because of his show, Thrifty over 50, I knew this item was of particular value. It is a Bumatay Tiki Mug Islander, valued at $285.00. 

 A t
rail cam is placed on the property and here are some of the best images. 

Why did I buy this $2.99 bag of children's toys at thrift?  
For the G.I. Joe men and their transport. I knew there were at least 3 of the figurines in the bag and was surprised when I opened the transport toy and there was G.I. Joe No. 4. 
For the Ghostbusters trio.
And the Alien duo - Fully articulated figurines. 
The rest of the bag contained Happy Meal toys that I thrifted back. For some reason, I began collecting G.I. Joe men and am hoping that will turn out to be a good choice in the future.

Tarot card of the day

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