Thursday, November 4, 2021

Eight Holiday Sweaters for Sale

Posting images and links to all 8 Christmas sweaters for sale. While on the phone with my mom, looking for an extra small sized holiday sweater for her, I discovered I had WAY too many sweaters hanging around. 

Some of these were modeled by me on Countdown to Christmas posts from years past. Sally Stand-In, a petite-sized retro dress form, models the sweaters now.

I usually don't list in such a small lot, CDs and sewing patterns are usually listed singly in lots of 25. Like small manageable bites. I get bored in one category and want to move on to another. Listing clothing is one of my least favorite things to do. For me, there is the extra step of photographing outside with the item being modeled on the dress form. 

The total listed value of these 8 sweaters is nearly $200. I have sold Christmas sweaters before but it has been a few years ago. Let's see how these will do. I am not cross-posting on Etsy, I have enough trouble keeping my eBay orders straight. 

Quick update on the job front: Like many others, I am looking to make a move, either a lateral move as a paralegal or analyst, or a promotional move into management. I am averaging about 1 interview a month, and apply for at least 5 jobs per week, all within the state system. Lots of exciting opportunities!

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