Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blogspat and Mighty Minion ready to spring into action

Now is the calm before the storm when the A to Z Challenge participants are scheduling their blog posts.  A to Z is the mutha of all blog challenges.  There are over 1,000 bloggers participating this year.  Some bloggers revealed their topic, and a couple of those caught my eye - a foul-mouthed Scottish gal A Daft Scots Lass who will post on All Things Scots and a Hungarian blogger The Multi Colored Diary who is focusing on weird princesses.  My focus will be All Things Thrifting.

As a Madlab Mighty Minion for the challenge, I will be visiting chosen participants to ensure they are following the rules.

On the subject of rules, I must admit I was involved in a blogspat last month.  I have a habit of combining blog challenges and hops and this one hop host (who shall remain unnamed) took issue with my technique.  Granted it was with a group of romance writers, of which I am not, but thinking they might want to expand their audience beyond that realm - how could it hurt?  Well, did I get the b***h slap down and sent to blog purgatory.  After I read the lengthy rule set in its entirety, it was apparent I had violated more than one rule to the hop.  I did a quick retreat and removed all reference to the writer's hop.  Do tell, have any of you been involved in a blogspat?

So, off I go, hopping once again ... with a newly discovered blog Rolled Up Pretty

This past weekend's thrift shop finds were a Caslon black print skirt ($1.50), Patti Page, The Mercury Years ($2) and some gel ink black ruled paper (50 cents).  

Please vote for me as Best Local Sacramento Blogger.  Vote button is at the top of this post.  What fun!

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