Monday, March 18, 2013

Ninja Captain Alex's Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest

No. 1:  One of my enduring favorites is Die Hard with Bruce Willis.  Hope the new movie coming out, A Good Day to Die Hard, will be as much of a romp as the original.

No. 2:  Off in the quirky realm would be the movie Kinky Boots - I think it is movie with heart and soul.

Pictured: Lola (Chiwetel Ejiofor), Lauren (Sarah Jane Potts), Mel (Linda Bassett), George (Ewan Hooper), Pat (Mona Hammond), Don (Nick Frost), Jeanie (Kellie Bright) and Big Mike (Stephen Marcus) in Julian Jarrold's 'Kinky Boots'

No. 3:  For drama and heartbreak, I recommend Sin Nombre.

No. 4:  Kind of an off-the-wall black and white classic Katherine Hepburn is The Rainmaker (1956) with her playing opposite Burt Lancaster.

No. 5:  I so loved musicals as a kid, so I have to dig in history's past for this gem (and animated nonetheless) 1955s Lady and the Tramp.

No. 6:  Back to the future (noooo, not the movie), recent movies - 2007's No Country for Old Men.

No. 7:  For those who don't mind subtitles Ran is worth the effort.  Amazing photography, excellent story line.    

No. 8:  A comedic movie worth the price of admission - The Hangover.

No. 9:  A 1972 classic, Last Tango in Paris, strangely fascinating, featuring a mumbling Marlon Brando.

No. 10:  Finally, one in the horror/sci-fi genre -- 1979's The Alien. 

There ya haves it, in no particular order, my top ten I could (pretty much) watch over and over again.

The past weekend's thrift shop finds included a Madame Alexander fairy doll ($2.50), silver seashell clip-on earrings with pink gemstone flowers ($2.50), two amber colored bracelets (1/2 off $1.75) and background scarf ($2.50).  MA Fairy doll and the background scarf will make an appearance later on in the year with either the Mad Tea Party or Le Mysterieux Carnival.

To add to my art book collection, I picked up How to Draw Animals by Jack Hamm (pub. 1969), and British Landscape Painting - 19th Century (pub. 1970).

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