Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pink Saturday, PS 3-2

How I lurvs Beverly's Pink Saturday.  While I may not afford it the same reverence as some of the other linker-uppers, I fail to crapht, paint or otherwise beautify my world in ... pink, I do post images.  Yep, that is what I do best.  Oh, and write, sometimes, when forced to.  *grins*

Our first stop is the No-Tell Motel for this hopperoo ~

And what does one do at the No-Tell Pink Motel?

Do what Barbara Eden is doing, dance the night away ...

On to my recent thrift shop finds - AB Studio black and white skirt, 30% off at Thrift Town (approx. $4).  This will def make an appearance on a Friday's Frock post.

Pink Saturday ballerina hippo (with original tags), $2.50 at Snowline Hospice in Folsom.


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