Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Mom Quilt and fresh blackberry pie

Continuing with the Hawaiian shirt quilt 4th in the series, the next project is The Mom Quilt.  

Finished quilt top

I appliqued flowers from remnants of Hawaiian shirt material. She is partial to black accented fabric. The squares I chose are in the bottom right corner.  

I have processed the front panels of the shirts and still have all of the back panel material (shown upper left). 

I used a decorative stitch but it kept skewing like it was on psychedelics.  Once I was committed to the stitch though there was no turning back.  I wasn't going to rip out heaving stitching from a quilt sandwich.  

Luckily, a trip to see the mom resulted in her being able to pick one of the fabrics for the sashing and borders.   One piece of material from a $3 thrift shop package of scraps fit right into the quilt scheme. 

Links to my quilt project series:

Thrift shopping produced more quilt publications.

The 1963 Woman's Day Book of American Needlework also had this section - How to Do Hawaiian Applique.

Now that I have started quilting, friends and relatives are requesting my creations.  The first quilt for the expectant co-worker was a big hit at the baby shower with a unicorn Ty beanie baby tied atop it with a pink ribbon. 

I celebrated a birthday last month but didn't get the chance to enjoy a homemade pie or cake. Now that blackberries are busting out all over, I was able to make one of my favorite pies.

For at least one of the quilts in the series, I want to tackle the bear paw design.  Here is the basic pattern.

I am finishing up the last week of my Oceanography class, finally able to enjoy a few weeks of true summer. 

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