Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Jumble patchwork quilt

This is the second of the series upcycling used Hawaiian shirts, third in the quilt series.  My favorite print of all the shirt material is this bright yellow one. 

For the final product, I added appliques and brought the back to the front to bind it.  Now I understand why you bind off with separate strips of fabric, it gives the quilt a more polished look.  

Links to the beginning of my quilt project series:

Rookie quilting mistake number 2, I did not wash all of the material first.  Of course, I had washed the used Hawaiian shirts, but the new material, nope.  

Thrifting was on my agenda and this pack of scraps for $2.50 produced the borders I used in Summer Jumble quilt.  The borders were uneven so I sewed and cut and fit into them into the pattern as best I could. 

I replenished my quilting book supply (inspiration).

Hawaii must be in my future!  I am now the proud owner of three Hawaiian-related articles of clothing and one more long retro print that will be featured on a future fashion linkup.  These outfits are perfect for my personal Fun Floral Fridays at work.

Summers in Northern California are hot - temperatures in the 90s and 100s so if you don't live near water, you tend to hibernate inside and that is why this is a Season of Sewing.

Tossing out a Pattern of the Day, a 1969 McCall's.

A shout-out to my Russian readers, for the first time since this blog's inception you have now surpassed my American audience.

What are you doing to stay cool?

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