Sunday, June 7, 2015

Celebrating Summer and a Season of Sewing

Taking this chance to link up with Patti at Notdeadyetstyle for Visible Monday before her summer hiatus and Stylecrone for Hat Attack #23.

Entire outfit thrifted

My thrift shop wish list now includes simple A-line summer dresses for Fun Floral Fridays.  While others at work opt for jeans for casual Friday, I prefer sleeveless shifts. 

This month's finds include this Spenser Jeremy dress, A Mr. Hi's Classic hat and a NWT August Silk burgundy knit top, the lot for a smokin' $8.

Images from the 1945 Book of Sewing

A handy dandy chart for your accessorizing needs and a Pattern of the Day from 1968.

The one in the slate blue outfit is my fav.

My Brother sewing machine has arrived!  I have entered the world of computerized sewing.  After my Sears 1970s machine went kaput, I had been hand sewing for a number of years.  

Always start small and I did, with a pillow project - all materials thrifted (of course) down to the zipper from 1969.

Wa-la pillow with zipper.  It was immediately snagged by the Mr.

My readers know my interest in upcycling.  Here are a couple of articles about refashioned clothing, Broken-ghost-clothing-recycled-clothing and Remixd-clothing-recycled-fashion-jacquie-tsang.  

Sunday's thrift produced this small sewing table ($12.50) and an original acrylic landscape by Marianne Weston ($12.50).  I liked the soft touch to her style.  After I clean and brighten the frame, it will join my other treasures.  Seems Sunday afternoons are the day for artwork to simply fall into my lap. 

I even met the donor of the picture.  She said she just didn't have any room for it and I said it would go to a home where it would be much loved.  
Painting with revitalized frame

What are your summer plans?  Stumbled onto any thrifted original artwork lately?

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