Saturday, June 13, 2015

The first of the Hawaiian shirt quilt series

This is my first project of the Hawaiian shirt quilt series (link to my original post). I took a chance and tried the self binding technique of bringing the material from the back and stitching it to the front. I also added some padding between the quilt top and the backing. I rolled down the border so it was less wide and to give it more bulk (but didn't re-photograph it).   

Of course, I made numerous mistakes - this being my first quilt, even though a baby scaled down version.  I was not very careful on sewing the squares together and some of them didn't match up. Some of the squares didn't have at least a 1/4" seam allowance so I had to re-sew them or cover the mistake with the decorative stitch.

I bought the remnant fabric of the pink and black zebra print to round out the quilt squares.  All other materials for the quilt were thrifted, right down to the thread.  

When the Mr. saw the finished baby quilt, he asked when I was going to make him one.  My original intent with the quilt series was to make a hunting/fishing themed one but all of those Hawaiian shirts distracted me!  My goal is to do more actual quilting and appliques on upcoming creations. Here are the processed squares for the Trailer quilt project. 

I am going to border the squares and have a backing in dark blue/slate grey material.  Moving to the next stage in quilting, adding borders to squares.  

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