Friday, August 17, 2018

It's my Blogiversary! Seven years and still going strong.

Hideeeho internets, it is my Blogiversary. This show on heels began on August 2011. 

My initial posts highlighted thrifted finds and fashion combined. I then linked up with bloggers of a certain age modeling their ensembles, mine always secondhand. I also participated in online writing and photography challenges.

A few years ago, I moved into the quilting realm and posted the possibilities one could make with thrifted fabric. Now, I participate in linkups, mainly fiber-art related. 
Second version
This being my first attempt at the layer cake quilt block, I again Tami revised it. farm-girl-layer-cake-block-quilt While farm girl's block included more detail, I stripped it down. The 2018 Monthly Color Challenge August prompt was yellow/orange. 
First version
This is my newest favorite block. This has been a great challenge for me because I have the freedom to create these specialized ones. I find them either posted by other quilt bloggers or in quilt publications. 

As I have become more discriminating in my fabric purchases, I splurged and bought the 2 volume set of Dating Fabric, A Color Guide, by Eileen Trestain, Vol. 1 1800-1960 and Vol. 2 1950-2000.

Linking up with patternsbyjen for the August Color Challenge linkup. 

My latest passion is listening to vinyl records while I quilt. The Mr. said he thought I had lost it when I purchased this portable Victrola.

Best retail buy in a long time, only cost $40 on sale. I had been looking for a turntable at the thrift shops but never found one or was priced too high. 

Mr. VZ offhandedly mentioned, "Did you know there are records in the cabinet?" Mind you, we have lived together for nearly 15 years and I don't go through his cabinets. I wasn't getting my hopes up because the Mr. does not enjoy listening to music like I do. What I found there astounded even me. A treasure trove of late 1960s and 1970s albums. 

Here are just a few.
On cleaning vinyl, I learned best to use no chemicals. There were all sorts of gadgets designed to clean the records but the quilter me thought, "clean and cloth, why not use batting?" It worked perfect. What few dust smidges I missed were picked up by the stylist brush on the arm. 

Music from the late 1970s to present I have ripped to my laptop and backed up on an external device. 

So thank you all of my followers and to those that have stuck with me through all of my blog's iterations. 

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