Monday, January 27, 2014

Preparing posts and thrift shop finds

I have been composing my posts in anticipation for the upcoming 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge on February 1st.  Prompts such as "liar" and "social media" have me stumped - I'm trying to be creative.  The challenge came at a perfect time.  When I have down time at work, I draft my posts the low tech way, handwriting them.

In the meantime, the commando thrift shopping continues!  I spent less than $10 at the hospice thrift shop for the paisley scarf ($1.50), the High Sierra black pants ($2.50), the Just Cashmere *sings the word* by Forte brown v-neck pullover ($2.50), the Collecting Art on a Shoestring ($1.50) (pub. 1969) and a 5x7 frame (not pictured, 50 cents).  I lurv it when the pricers tag a cashmere sweater (no holes, no pilling) at $2.50!

I began preparing for the A to Z Blogging Challenge in November by scanning images related to the alpha letters.  In the 2013 challenge, I had the majority of my posts written about a month before but for the 5-7 of those I didn't have fleshed out, I really struggled.

I'm number 75 on the signup list found here  Signups are open now!

Part of the challenge fun is discovering blogs in totally new categories.  Don't be timid and shy, give it a go!

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