Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby Doll Mugshots and upcoming events

The first BD mugshot post of the year showcases baby dolls from the Tacoma Washington Goodwill store offered through  I highlight these dollies because each of them appeal to me, there is a story there, a history that could be told.

I have been thrift shopping but the majority of my finds have been in preparation for 2014 fashion or Countdown to Kitschmas posts.  With Christmas items at 75% off in the thrift shops, treasures can be found for next to nothing!  I pack up my new finds with ornaments from year's past and delight in their discovery again at year end.  

The upcoming blog hop this month is with Vicki at  Signups are open until January 15th - still time to join in!  

2 Bags Full

I have also been preparing posts for the blogging from a-to-zchallenge in April 2014.  It will be my second year of participating and Year Five for the blog challenge.  Signups for that event begin on January 27th.

Having started a new job at the new year, I am closer to the State Capitol in the heart of Sacramento.  I hope to utilize the amazing scenery around the Capitol for fashion posts.

Do tell, what posts/hops/events do you have planned for 2014?

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