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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Zombie bride refashion

Spooky lead-off image
The first part of my zombie bride refashion came from a kit, a $2 thrift shop find. Much to my dismay, the costume had shrunk overnight (or I am not a medium-sized costume wearer). So I thinks to myself, "I've got this, I can just refashion a dress," and off to Thrift Town I went.
Lovely lace gown $11 TT 

I removed the sleeves from the kit costume and affixed them to the gown (pinned in this picture).  

Next, I sewed the overdress portion of the kit to the gown. 
The veil is draped over one shoulder,
the poison pin on the other.
When I first bought the poison pin, I thought, "What are you doing? WHY would you ever wear this pin?" I'm so glad I did and didn't listen to my frugal self. It is a perfect Halloween piece.

Zombie bride didn't win the state department costume contest as a talented seamstress co-worker has won for the third year in a row.  
In the meantime, my kitten didn't know what to make of my costume. The reason I call my kitten the snake charmer is she caught a baby rattlesnake just a couple of weeks after I had adopted her. Luckily, it hadn't bit her. 
Zombie bride with Susie the snake charmer

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