Lost and Found and the Fortune Teller

One of my favorite activities is to combine blog hops, the more diverse the better, but my search was in vain this year, lost in the ether that is the blogosphere.

I dug down in the Tami archive to revive a character that could and should make an appearance in this Lost-and-found-blog-hop.

The Fortune Teller appeared a couple of years ago in another blog hop. Her story continues ...

Madame Fortune Teller, as she preferred to be known in the traveling circus, didn't intend to make a career of reading Tarot cards but she came to enjoy the camaraderie of clan. They were the last of the modern day gypsies. She could come and go as she pleased, no one need tell her when to take a break, or how to wear her hair. There was a freedom in not being corporate. Besides, she was still young, plenty of time to plan for retirement.

Her day was proceeding along with the usual readings and common questions, "Will I meet someone?" or "Is there money in my future?" when a small, oddly-dressed man entered her tent.

"What is it you seek today? Answers to love, money or career?"

He answered, "None of those." He reached into his coat that was threadbare with more patches holding it together than original material. 

"I need to find someone but not in the usual way that one would think. I need to employ a different method for a person not of this world."

Madame blinked not once but twice. Did she hear him right? Was he "all there?" "Did you say 'not of this world?'"

"Yes," he replied. "We fear in the netherworld that Cupid has been abducted. Love has been languishing. There are less and less marriages. I have been sent down by the Gods to restore human faith in love."

"Shut up!" Madame exclaimed in a way that meant she didn't believe him, rather than don't say any more. "This has got to be a joke!"

"If only it were not true. I have no where else to turn. Your turn at the cards could reveal clues to where he is or who is detaining him."

She pondered this turn of events. She did have one deck of cards different from the traditional Rider-Waite. Perhaps they held the clues for this rag tag gentleman. She retrieved her Steampunk Tarot deck and collected her fee from him. The three cards she drew confirmed what the man had told her. 

The first card, the Wheel of Fortune mean that something had happened that made no sense and could not have been foreseen. The Nine of Pentacles represented Cupid as an accomplished and self-made forest nymph. The Five of Wands meant the gods were looking to regain what was taken from them.

"Let's try again. If we could know which direction to look, I will draw three more cards at no additional charge."  

The next set of three was the Eight of Cups, first card drawn. The meaning that there will be something left behind to search for something else.

"The gods mean for you to join me in my search!" Rag tag man exclaimed. Madame frowned and pondered this. "Let's move on to the second card of Judgement." Her heart jumped when she realized what that card meant, a core meaning of hearing and heeding a call. 

The third and last card was the Four of Swords, her interpretation was to take time out for a divine message or solution, still the swords, still the mind. The problem continues to exist but can be seen from a different perspective.

"I will help you. We still lack the clues to find Cupid. You can stay at the tent down the way, just tell them I sent you. We can start our quest in the morning." He smiled faintly, "Do you believe we will find Cupid in time for Valentine's Day?"

Madame Fortune Teller replied, "We can sure try!"

To be continued, check back on February 14th for the conclusion of Where in the World is Cupid? 


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