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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Putting on the Pendleton

I am joining up on Visible Monday with Notdeadyetstyle to showcase an armload of clothing thrift shop finds for less than $20!

Pendleton jacket
Chartreus t-shirt
Bobbie Brooks gray pants
Ahnu tennis shoes (retail)

First up is this Pendleton lightweight jacket, I was thrilled to score for $1. Sometimes the volunteers don't know what they are pricing and it was $1 men's shirt day, this lil darling-a medium ladies shirt  jacket. The Royal Robbins polyester dress was also on the dollar rack. 

As a Seattle native, this Space Needle t-shirt was of particular interest to me, behind it a Joanna polyester black and white polka dot shirt. 

Danny & Nicole dress will join my Fun Floral Friday collection and this Metro Style button up collared shirt is right on trend, I am seeing a lot of this orange color.  

Still adding to my t-shirt collection, no reason to pass them up at $1 each. 

My adult daughter said her boss told her she needed to dress more professionally at work. She said to me, "I need to dress more like you mom." I was more than happy to hear those words as I like to wear cute ensembles at work. I found these two outfits for her in my commando thrift shopper haul. A Toni Garment jacket and skirt set for $1.

The PS Sport short sleeved shirt ($1) and the most was spent on a $5 Worthington red knit skirt. 

Here is a lovely completed quilt top. In my haste to get it done, I put the needle through my nail and index finger. My career as a quilter may have abruptly ended. I never injured myself painting with oil and acrylics. We'll see ...

It wouldn't be a fashion linkup without a Pattern of the Day from 1969, oh how I love these retro looks. I remember wearing a jumper similar to the one in the pattern. 

Heck, lets end on a happy note - come back on Valentine's Day for the conclusion of my story, Where in the World is Cupid?

Here I am in hot pursuit!

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