Thursday, February 25, 2016


It is official, I have SABLED - quilt fabric Stash Accumulation Beyond Lifetime Expectancy. I just came into possession of a copy box full of fabric for $40. Mainly lavendars and Christmas fabric, I am happy I have enough for numerous projects.

I was in town for the mom angiogram and she mentioned there was a lady in her mobile home park that had come into possession of a quilter's stash. It all went down like a illegal trade, we popped by her house unannounced, went into a back room, and at first she said she didn't have any material left. She had second thoughts and decided to part with her lavendars. A few moments later, an entire box of Christmas fabric appeared, she was willing to part with that. Mom inquired who it was that gave her all the fabric but the fabric hoarder stasher wouldn't give up that info. 

One thing I have discovered and find quite humorous, is the fabric obsession quilters seem to have or at least acquire. My goal has always been to acquire fabric at the lowest cost possible. With this latest purchase, I estimate I gained at least $200 worth of fabric at retail valuation.

The sewing machine injury to my left index finger is coming right along and it may be that I will have no long lasting effects from that accident. Good thing, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with myself and my quilting obsession. 

Q2 goal is to utilize some of my thrifted Hawaiian shirt hoarder material to make a Daughter quilt.

What are you passionate about? What would you do if you had to give up a favorite hobby?

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