Saturday, September 19, 2015

MinkAndPearls and the Cat's Meow

I had a couple of epiphanies the other day, I discovered that I had enough vintage clothing inventory (12 pieces in all) to begin selling in my Etsy shop MinkAndPearls.  The badge is now displayed at the top of my sidebar. 


The criteria is for the clothing to be considered vintage it has to be 20 years or older.  That is an easy one, most of the classic pieces I have are 20 years older or more. 

My other epiphany is that I want to focus on the things that truly make me happy and make sense for my future.  I have decided to stop taking college courses.  At least not taking the heavy duty ones like math, science, stats.  I may consider a fun course now and then but for now, I am going to see how successful I can be as a vintage clothing reseller.  I do have an A.S. in Business - might as well put it to use!  This would be great if this is the type of business that I could run after I retire and am traveling. 

Thrifting produced a 70s/80s ceramic jaguar with green sparkly eyes for $4.  I am going to enjoy him for now, knowing I can always resell him for a tidy profit.

These past few months I have been following thrift resellers.  They post where they are listing their items and how much profit they make on each item.  For a number of years I have been following bloggers that resale on the fair circuit.  I have sold through EBay before but only used college textbooks and other miscellany.

Let's throw in a Pattern of the Day, one of the earliest that I have collected from 1954.  

Since I don't have an indoor photography setup, I began by staging the clothing items for sale for an early morning photo shoot when the lighting is the best. I may try my hand at selling altered/embellished garments under the craft section. At the very least maybe I can make a few dollars towards Christmas gifts or future vacations.  

Other clothing scored in the weekend thrifting at hospice/food banks were white Pendleton shorts (NWT $38, thrifted $5), a New Identity colorful jacket ($5).  I am going to wear the two together along with a colorful pink blouse to a educational science field trip at this month's end. 

This Sag Harbor Hawaiian print maxi, (and not shown) two other articles of clothing, five Christmas CDs and a 1970s book on entertaining were all essentially free when I purchased the $15 cute blue and green jewelry set. 

The necklace now adorns the lamp shade in my bedroom until I find the inspiration to do a fashion shoot with that Hawaiian maxi. 

Vintage resellers - what has been your experience with Etsy?

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