Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Five Dollar Thrift Challenge

Halogen shirt and sweater
Handmade skirt
BCBG heels
(entire outfit thrifted)

I didn't start with a $5 thrift challenge in mind, it ended up being these two garments that weren't meant to go together, kept calling to me.  Some thrift shops here in Northern California offer a dizzying array of discounts, color coded with certain exceptions, all very confusing. At the final ring up I don't ask questions, the total is usually much less than what I have anticipated.

The sweater ended up needing a couple of small fixes.  I repaired a french knot that had come undone and a flower edge that had frayed.  The skirt was handmade, it appeared to be someone's quick sewing job for perhaps a fashion design class.  

I first tried to fix the pink lace border by ripping out the stitches of the portion that was basted on the wrong side of the skirt.  When I tried to sew the lace back on, it was a disaster.  Back to ripping seams, I decided to finish off the skirt with a scrap piece of material to give it more of a finished look.  

I bumped into a new-to-me blogger in my internet travels.  Her interests align directly with mine - thrift fashion revitalized -  This image is from one of her unsuccessful refashionings.

Linking with one of my favorite groups, Vising Out on a Monday.

I think I qualify to linkup for for her weekly fashion prompt of Rust with that color flower in my skirt.

Just got my hair did and boy did I miss out - I should have gone Opal!  It is kind of My-Little-Ponyesque.

It took some searching but I finally found another blog challenge group for a writing challenge every October, every day.  Blog challenges are good for at least two reasons - the topics stretch your imagination and you discover new-to-you bloggers.  

With October being my favorite month of the year, it will be a snap posting each day.  There are numerous fashion and other linkups that I will include, perhaps a Pattern of the Day or a babydoll mugshot.  
1964 Horsman Doll

My new position with the grand State of California focuses on preservation of the Sacramento Delta.  During the 31 Days I will be posting some waterway images. 

Stay tuned for tons of fun!

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