Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ready, set, go! A new career start

My job promotional theory has been proven correct - that to land a plum position with the State, one must gain multiple list eligibility and send out numerous applications.  I first posted about my job hunt in word-for-year, that word being "Ambition."  I had nearly given up hope of promoting and was going to stop my frenetic job search after two long years of applications and interviews. 

This image was taken just prior to learning of my job promotion.  I must admit I did know that my references were being called so there was a good chance of an offer coming my way.  On September 1st, I will begin my new career with a focus in the scientific realm rather than the legal industry.  It is a position closest to one I left in the private industry, being the "face" of the office as the office manager and not having to deal with personnel issues.  Sweeet!  

In an effort to show you my progress during this summer season of sewing, I am taking another run at the hunting/fishing themed trailer quilt, this time log cabin style.  

On an unrelated topic, I am a recent convert to the iPhone.  I had been a diehard fan of the android phones but continued to have problems with battery life, etc.  What I do appreciate about the iPhone 5s is the sharper graphics, a lighter phone and, of course, Siri.  

Now part of the Instagram crowd - you can find me at tvonzalez.

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