Saturday, August 22, 2015

Partying on with Pink Saturday

It has been awhile since I have linked up with Beverly at howsweetthesound for her Pink Saturday theme of anything goes!

Close up of the skirt print

My camera is still in absentia so the iPhone will have to do for this frazzle-haired look of a Fun Floral Friday.  Thrifted pieces include the Charter Club pink cashmere sweater, the island inspired necklace/lanyard and the Jones New York print skirt.  I am also joining / for her PINK 52 pick-me-up fashion prompt. 

Thrift shop finds at Goodwill this week were this green JKLA jacket and straw hat (both for $7.99 each).  I will alter the jacket to remove the belt loops and I'm thinking of changing the lapels.  I will model this jacket with another find from my Vancouver trip.

Update to the jacket, I removed the belt loops, folded in the elf lapel, tacked it down and embellished with pins I snagged was given from the mom.  The Coldwater Creek black polka dot with green piping sundress was a thrift shop find in the Washington area.

Let's go retro - do you remember crocheted dresses for dolls?  

Adding in a sweet Madame Alexander Cinderella. 

And a pink-haired Brinn clown.  

Pinking out with a Pattern of the Day from 1969.  

I have been having major issues with my upgrade to Windows 10 and the incompatibility with Google Chrome.  I would advise to wait on that upgrade.  

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