Friday, September 28, 2012

Moonlight Party Under the Big Top and Hop Along Friday

This was an oil on canvas I created some years ago.  It was one of those fun pieces, where I experimented with colors and techniques.  I began with a white underpainting.  When the other colors were applied, I drew in loops and swirls.  Finally, the flat circus characters were added in.

A cartoonized ferris wheel located outside of Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.

Clown cutie pictured above was a thrift shop rescue earlier this month.  A sextet of clownies have joined the party too!  



Since I am on a "clown roll" - I located these inmates on (all three are bidding around $5-$6).  A surefire way to develop coulrophobia (fear of clowns).  *queue screechy music*

Creepy #1 is offered through GW New Mexico - Albuquerque

Creepy #2 aka Bozo the Clown hails from Northwest Ohio

Creepy #3 is from GW serving Eastern Nebraska and Southwest Iowa

Look who has made an appearance!  Fashionista Barbie with Dumbo - seems she has fallen on hard times and had to join the circus ....

Please visit the other party participants Moonlight Party Under The Bigtop

Hopping with Home of Ohm

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