Rural Thursday

The original image is a barn along Paine Road in Amador County.  My go-to spot for photo effects is - this is the cartoonized image.  What fun!

The season in California for upland game bird hunting has opened.

Right past where Mr. VZ is standing are the remnants of a homesteader's shack.  The green grass in the foreground is a natural spring.  

Finally, rays of sunshine through the clouds - along Jackson Highway.


What a fun picture effect!
You visited me a while ago and now I'm visiting you. I look forward to learning more about how life goes for I'll join your followers. Love the old barns. Joan
Lily's Lace said…
Hi it's CIndy from Lilly's Lace! You crack me up with that profile photo! Looks like we have the same sense of humor!!! Love your blog, I'll be back!xoxo
Kathleen said…
I like the cartoon version of the country!
Didn't know about befunky ~ thanks for sharing:)

Nancy C said…
Love that last photo of the sun breaking through the clouds. Gorgeous!
joy said…
Thanks for sharing picture of this part of tje world:)