Fabric has to age properly

My post title was the best comment I saw posted recently on the FB group Up-Cycled Cloth Collective. The post featured a wool hat with the text, "The wool has been in my possession for YEARS ... The weight of holding on is too great. This hat will be re-released into life as a new and beautiful thing." To which another commented, "Everyone who sews (or knits) knows that most fabric has to age properly before it can be used or heaven forbid be parted with."

The story to go along with that one belongs to the first image in my post. Admittedly, I had been lurking around a large pile of donations from a  mystery quilter. The fabric, etc. sat in the corner of a thrift shop for months, just within eye shot. There was this group of quilt blocks that remained unpriced and therefore unpurchasable. Well persistence paid off, the blocks along with some more feedsack print material, were finally released. 
20 blocks for $10, I couldn't hand my money over fast enough. These blocks will require some attention, squaring them up. The cream colored fabric is stained and faded so I will replace those sections of material. I will leave all the other blocks intact and then bring them all together in a quilt top. I think these blocks have aged enough - it is their time to shine.

My Weird Secondhand Finds that Need to Be Shared group on FB has come through again. A question was posted, "How many people have been on a relentless search for something they've seen shared, and what?"

One replied, "The Universe will share what you need when the time is right." The Gospel of Secondhand Zen, Ch. 4, Verse 15."

Reseller's BOLOs - here are few things I have added to my already long list of things I look for secondhand:

Grapefuit or serrated fork. Didn't know one existed until I found one. Seems they are rare and sought after.  

Fluffy ice creamy pastel colored pullover sweaters. Go figure.

People seem to go crazy over those 80s hanging oil figurine lamps. 
I couldn't get rid of ours fast enough when we moved years ago.

I have never found one in the wild - one of those prairie dresses, whowhatwear.com/prairie-dress-trend, preferably made by Gunne Sax. 

Thrifting roundup - in addition to my fabric finds, I picked up more $1 clothing and some kitchen items. I was able to replace our pizza cutter, a pizza stone (still in original packing) some skewers, flatware, and a cat food bowl, all from thrift. 


Michelle said…
I'm totally with you on the idea that fabric can happily age for a bit. On a stitching list I'm on, people are throwing away floss and replacing it (with the exact same thing) just because it's "old." That boggles my mind. I'm over here working with 20 year old supplies and it's just fine.

My daughter is dying to get her hands on one of those oil lamps. I've got to admit that I'm tempted myself.

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