All the Mr. had to mention was "baby."

A young couple the Mr. knows through teaching recently had a baby girl. He casually mentioned that they might like a quilt. It was the perfect rest and restoration for me from being out of town all week. Baby quilts are an easy size to work with, the quilting uncomplicated. 
The crib sized flannel quilt top had been partially completed. I also used a flannel backing. This one measures 49" x 55". I haven't put together a baby quilt in over two years. 

Linking up with Michelle at Michelle's Romantic Tangle for Let's Make Baby Quilts and Wendy at for the Peacock Party. 

Next year's Halloween costume for me will be a mermaid. I found this half off thrift formal dress for $2.25. I will add some applique embellishments and beading. 

My out of town finds were a wooden duck decoy ($2.24), 30 CDs, all old rock and soul for 25 cents each. Itsy bitsy mom had a few jackets I will see if they are accepted for trade at the clothing exchange. If not, I will try to sell them online. 

My newest germ of an idea for my 2020 fair competition quilt is based on a 1919 cubist painting. My source images are done, next pulling a fabric pallet. 


Jenny said…
Baby quilts are always nice to make. It's great that you had one partially finished, not too hard then to get it to completion. I'm sure the young parents were delighted with your gift.

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