Sometimes it is simply a watercolor

I have seen a few original pieces of artwork in thrift in the past few weeks, a couple of abstracts, but this watercolor beckoned to me. Well executed and double matted, it had to join my collection. I have since polished the wood frame. Two pieces I did pass up were from the 1980s sort of western bathtub series. Had they been framed alike, I would have bought them at $4.50 each to resell.
I considered but passed up a men's medium NASCAR shirt. I don't have enough experience with online clothing reselling. 

I made my goal of 10 listings for the weekend. Populated mainly by quality maxi skirts that are too big for me now. My last two items I posted were this counted cross-stitch kit and some collectible pins, this day's thrift shop finds.
I've got 20 active listings. It sure does take away from my creative play time. We will see if I will want to keep that pace into the new year.

A lucky score for me were these 8 Reed & Barton select stainless spoons (10 cents each). Rarely do I find quality flatware. Our spoons have disappeared over the years so these 8 were badly needed. 

I thought I was getting a handle on my fabric organization but then I discovered an entire TUB of remnants. Ugh. I will go through it over the long Thanksgiving weekend. 

On the stove is split pea soup with chicken broth, carrots, and a piece of ham hock. Here is wishing your world is as peaceful and lovely as mine is at this moment.


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