Boxes on your doorstep

Took the weekend off from sewing after the push of the baby quilt, but still had a productive long weekend. I ripped approx. 50 CDs to my laptop, posted 10 active listings on Ebay, mainly Christmas sweaters, and culled my clothes which resulted in two bags full I hope to earn credit at the clothing exchange. I was thrifting back all of my larger pieces of clothing but thought why not see if they are resell worthy? I have learned to take my clothes to the exchange first. On this round I earned a $20 credit to buy something cute. 

Best of trail cam in October. This coyote has made more than one appearance on camera, and this hawk also. 

Greenhouse update: Brussell sprouts we have grown are on the menu and I am harvesting tomato pears. 

Baking away - old fashioned peanut butter cookies. 

Those linens I bought here, a couple of commenters thought they might be able to be resold, but I am still on the fence. I may be able to do something craphty for entry into the state fair. 

I impulsively bought two lots of partially completed quilt projects from an online auction site, prompted by the waived shipping charge. The first one arrived. I thought there might be something worthwhile because it weighed 4-1/2 pounds.

The contents did not disappoint! There were 12 of these burgundy blocks - well worth the $30 price of the box. It was apparent these were the unfinished projects from mystery quilter in Tacoma, Washington. A nod to her skill level, many notches higher than mine. I am thinking of finishing this quilt with a light grey border and sashing. 

Bonus item - a small piece that fit my settee like it was made for it.

There were also 6 yellow fans, 4 pink fans, 9 partial pink fans, assorted orphan blocks, partial projects and patchwork piecings. 

A gamble that paid off, I see a new quilt for me in my future!