Saturday, November 16, 2019

Mystery box number two has arrived

I was hoping this resin wind up cuckoo clock worked, but it didn't. For $5, it is a pretty neat decoration. 
"Why the push for quilters to use up their stash? Nobody asks stamp collectors to mail letters." (Overheard at Quilt Festival, posted on IG by #igquiltfest)
When I add to my fabric stash, I feel guilty, but when I finish a quilt, I feel relief. When I feel overwhelmed, I sell some of my potential projects. 

I have finally sent the graduation quilt to the longarmer. I was going to send two quilts but need to add more width to the Gypsy Wife meets Jelly Roll quilt. My newest burgundy heart quilt is going to bump Gypsy Wife as next up in queue to be sent out for professional quilting. 

My mystery box number 2 arrived from my online auction site. This one I knew there was a partial grandmother's flower garden project. There was also this beehive/bee sandwich that needs a skosh more quilting and binding. 

$1 clothing at thrift meant I added 7 new pieces to my wardrobe and some fabric and my "winter" tablecloth weights for an outdoor table in the barbeque area. 

Here are my houses displayed on my Christmas quilt. 

The burgundy blocks are ironed, here is the fabric pull for the borders and backing. 

I decided on the Joan Kessler paisley for the fill-in fabric setting those blocks on point. I am going to use the mint green plaid for the backing. 

Next post should be the burgundy heart quilt flimsy and backing!


  1. A few weeks ago, I passed up a wooden cuckoo clock because I didn't know if it would work or not....for the ten bucks they wanted, I should've bought it. It had an amazing hunting theme and considering how rarely I actually wind our functional clock I don't know why I thought it was important that it worked or not.