Sunday, April 22, 2012

Classic Car and the Winchester House 1967

A few days ago I saw a THING OF BEAUTY parked in front of the McDonalds in El Dorado Hills, California. Now, why can't they make cars like this anymore?

Someone had a sense of humor with the neon spray-painted "Help" over the Famous Winchester Mystery House sign. These are the only two photos I have in our family archive. I bet photographs weren't allowed to be taken inside.

Blogger has messed with the photo upload so I can't resize the pictures. But you get the idea.

It is blazing hot here in Cali today (near 90 degrees) and that makes me CrAnKy because I can't work in the garden. Got the straw down to block the weeds that have grown to jungle-like proportions but am so heat stressed I don't even want to go out and buy the vegetable plants.

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