Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Clothes and liars

"Liars" Day 18 prompt of the 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge hosted by weworkforcheese.

I've been incommunicado the past week because my ears were ringing from my recent abduction by aliens.  I tried to fend them off with one bite but instead resorted to Shakespearean English - that did the trick.  Sort of.  *one eye blinks uncontrollably*

And on to the challenge ...

Clothing retailers are liars.  Well, not outright liars, but when clothing is priced at a percent off, those original items have been marked up 600%!

It is no secret that I have long since abandoned clothing retailers.  Sure there are certain items I must buy retail, but the majority of my wardrobe is thrifted.

My latest thrift shop finds totaled around $12 with cashing in coupons and points I garnered on my frequent buyer card.  This antique toy chest isn't the prettiest but it is sturdy and well constructed.  I was looking for something to combine my children's keepsakes and this fit the bill.

The rest of my haul includes the pink cowboy princess hat (that will appear in an upcoming fashion post), a white sleeveless collared shirt, a Barbie nostalgic collection pink t-shirt, a fuschia short sleeved collared shirt and a ceramic tea set (for an Mad Tea Party specialty post).

As long as I'm playing show and tell - this was a Thrift Town purchase.  A $20 picture of painted canvas, cross-stitched with French knot center pansies.   Lurvs it!  It now resides in my work cubicle.

What will you show and tell in the comments?  or will you just lie to me?

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