Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The succubus and Chuck.

"Succubus" Day 11 prompt for the weworkforcheese 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge.  I'm sure we can all blame Nicky, host of this near-impossible challenge, for this prompt.  I had to look it up - the gist of it being a female supernatural entity that seduces human men while they sleep.

                                     *                                                   *                                              *

Lilith was a succubus in training.  She had completed Succubi 101 and How to Tempt the Human 300.  Her first "assignment" was Chuck from Long Island.

Chuck had just completed a long day of beer drinking and watching sports on TV.  As he scratched his belly, he was not bothered by his ever-expanding girth.  Besides, it ran in the family - being BIG and all.  He was on Day Three of wearing his favorite t-shirt replete with food bits and stains of TV marathon watching.  His baseball cap contained his unwashed uncombed hair.  He was not what one would consider a fine human specimen.

Lilith arrived at Chuck's house when he was deep in slumber.  STraining did not prepare her for what she encountered.  There was Chuck in all his glory.

No, this can't be right.  Humans were beautiful with long straight limbs and artfully crafted bodies. This human must be an aberration.  What woman would be attracted to this?  This ... Chuck.  

She pondered her situation for a moment.  Perhaps it wasn't in the cards for her to join the exalted ranks of the Succubi.  It may be time for a demotion back to woodland nymph.

She sighed.  Chuck snored.  Lilith quietly backed away.

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