Friday, February 28, 2014

Brainius explosius over cheese torteous

"And then my brain exploded" is the final prompt of the 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing Challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike at weworkforcheese.  Give a looksee at the musings of the Others.

What does cause my brain to explode are dealing with the various and sundry bug stings and bites I routinely receive.  A few days ago, I was stung not just once, but twice, on my upper shoulder by either a bee or a wasp.  The flying reign of terror hitchhiked a ride onto my sweater and when I put my sweater on, the assault began.  I don't care what they say - bug toxin packs a punch.  I may have been hallucinating when I drafted the last few posts.  All the better.

As a wrap-up to this celebration of writing and cheese (a nod to the cheese-loving hosts of the past month's writing challenge), one last image from my 1950 Favorite Recipes book.

Icebox Cheese Torte - 100% nom nom nom.

Upcoming blog hops include:

I have already jumped on the preparation of my April A to Z Blogging Challenge posts so I won't be the one saying, "and then my brain exploded."  

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