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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Follow Your Dreams

I don't know who to credit for this large mixed media artwork. It was hanging on the wall at the Goodwill boutique in Sacramento. If I had room for it, I would have bought it. 

I dream of a barn studio big enough to hang large quilts from the ceiling and unique artwork on the walls. 

Do I know what I will do with my art history degree in the making? Nope. No idea. I am taking the subject for the joy of learning. 

Seller update: Right when I was going to swear off sewing patterns, I bought at hospice thrift two pattern boxes each at $4.99, but the real score was 150 uncut patterns. These were hand-picked from a 5 drawer pattern keeper that seemed to be from a collection. 

I do not pass by the linens at thrift. There are nice towels, lovely tablecloths, and my latest find, this square pillow cover. 

This pale yellow sunflower volunteer to the greenhouse was the first to flower. 

I will highlight those cut sewing patterns from the 150 I couldn't resist in upcoming posts.  

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